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A few weeks ago we hosted a fireside chat with our teenagers, young budding adults (18-22yrs) and our caring adults (parents, teachers, coaches, godparents etc.). This gathering was inspired by a few college students that I interacted with over the summer. The running theme from most of our conversations was that adults do not understand what they are going through. I did not quite agree with this argument reminding them that adults were once teenagers and budding adults themselves who have had their own fair share of adolescent experiences. One of the young men disagreed stating that today’s adults didn’t have to grapple with technology and social media the way they have to and this statement stopped me in my tracks. Why? He made a real and important point. A point all caring adults should keep in view as they relate with their young ones. Generational context is extremely important.

This aha moment got me thinking and led me to invite ‘mentors’ to our “Back-2-School Plug-In Fireside Chat”. The ah-mazing mentors are millennials (one generation ahead) that can probably relate better with our GenZ. And from the feedback we got, it was a hit! It made sense. And this is our mission at NuMindz12v2. To help our younger ones make sense of this complex world they live in. The mentors shared their successes and struggles while in college and what they would do differently today if given another opportunity. GenZ got the benefit of hindsight. Hindsight they say is 20/20 yes?

The plug for High Schoolers is to take the dress rehearsal years seriously while they still have the support of parents, teachers, coaches, boarding school patrons and matrons. Using this time to work on time management and executive functioning skills. And most importantly learn to enjoy learning as this will not only help throughout life but also significantly boost their grades/GPAs.

For College students, there were a few plugs that recurred with all the mentors. Have fun but while having fun, keep #adulting in close view. Know their professors (at least one or two) personally because this will serve them well after graduation as they seek job/career or post graduate opportunities. One of the mentors stated that college is more about networking and preparing for life after college and encouraged joining social, cultural and creative clubs and associations. Yet another spoke on entrepreneurship and how he began to think of how he was going to start his business post graduation even while still in college. The prevalence of substance abuse was discussed and mentors warned against following the crowd by keeping in view the future. Dr. Toju Chike-Obi (developmental pediatrician) reiterated the dangers of not only fantasy drugs and alcohol but also the accessibility of study enhancers (stimulants) and opioids that has many college students addicted. Parents were also advised to check and reduce putting unnecessary pressure on their children. Particularly the ‘African Parent’ (if you know, you know). 

If you would like to connect with any of the mentors, just shoot as an email and we will make the connect.

All in all, it was an hour well spent and we hope you can join us for the next fireside chat. We promise to keep you as always, PLUGGED-In.

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