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NuMindz12v2 nurtures young minds to understand the role they play in their communities as change agents, enablers and disruptors of the status quo. NuMindz12v2 empowers young minds with the tools they need to create a better world and pursue purpose passionately which will inadvertently lead to success and significance. 

A practical example of a product of the NuMindz12v2 {vehicle} can be seen in one of our young minds who did not appreciate how he and his friends in 9th grade were being treated in the cafeteria because they were considered rookies in high school. Rather than live with that experience and shrug it off as something every 9th grader experiences, he decided to run for student council in his junior year (11th grade) for the singular reason to stop the mistreatment of 9th graders in the cafeteria. And he won a seat on the council and succeeded in effecting change. It is never too early to start nurturing our young minds. 

Our Why (Purpose):

To nurture successful and significant young minds.

How? (Mission):

Engage young minds (12-20years old) to find their passion, interests, and/or talents and to sustain them.

Encourage grit! Grit = Perseverance + Hard Work. Understanding that grit is the major determinant of success.

Empower young minds with cultural competency skills that equip them to function as responsible global citizens that always seek to do good for the benefit of all.

Expound and explore creative ways to teach Emotional Intelligence (EQ); Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset and Social Entrepreneurship as a tool to move adolescents into successful adulthood.

Educate and support parents, teachers and all caring adults to release their adolescents and young adults to pursue paths to personal alignment rather than pursuing paths to parental pressure

Mission Accomplished (Vision):

A generation of young adults (22-35) who are living out their God given purpose. A generation of renewed minds who excel at their chosen paths and have significant positive impact on society as a whole.

What We Live By (Core Values):

Six Pillars of Character (Character Counts)-






→Global Citizenship

NuMindz12.2 Team 

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