Grit, Grit and more Grit

No better time to learn about G.R.I.T. than now! Coming out of a global pandemic that has taken grit to push through, there is need to be intentional about teaching and encouraging our children to grow GRIT. It is the dealbreakerđź’Ż

On This Journey Together

We can all agree that nurturing adolescents is no easy feat. NuMindz12v2 blog therefore is a platform created to virtually host a community of caring and committed adults (parents, teachers, coaches etc.) in search of relevant, research-based info, tried and tested practices alongside wisdom principles that affect the generation Z (12-22). This will help adults…


Yay! Your teenager just made THE commitment to a college or university!!! But who is excited here? You or your soon-to-be college freshman? Or both? While it is natural for parents to be excited, it is dangerous for them to be expectant of a definite outcome. You just have to trust that your budding adults…


COVID-19 appeared, the world stood still and so did your teen. This global pandemic has everyone; scientists, experts, leaders of government, leaders of industry, parents, teachers, coaches etc. in a state of confusion with more questions than there are answers. We all have a lot of unanswered questions and so do your teenagers. They are…

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