On This Journey Together

We can all agree that nurturing adolescents is no easy feat. NuMindz12v2 blog therefore is a platform created to virtually host a community of caring and committed adults (parents, teachers, coaches etc.) in search of relevant, research-based info, tried and tested practices alongside wisdom principles that affect the generation Z (12-22). This will help adults navigate the murky waters of nurturing adolescents. Do developmental pediatricians who use the term ‘terrible twos’ really mean ‘terrific terrible teens’? It is our hope that NuMindz12v2 blog serves as both a research assistant and a referral agency that points parents and all caring adults in the right direction that will empower them to cross over to the other side of their parenting journey with their sanity intact, a healthy parent-child relationship and a grounded, successful and significant young adult. 

In the world we live in today, it is challenging to be an adolescent. The pressure is real. From the mental health crisis, to the smartphone addiction, to the super hyper-sexualized culture, to the fragmentation of the home/family, the brokenness and competing voices are enough to challenge anyone’s core let alone that of a young mind. If our adolescents are not talking to or asking the trusted adults in their lives questions, then it is safe to believe they are getting answers from somewhere else.

Courageous conversations undergirded with family values, cultural competency (understanding of the genZ culture) and relevant information must be had with each adolescent entrusted to our care. NuMindz12v2 blog seeks to equip caring adults to contextualize and understand the world and pressures their adolescents have to live in as they have these conversations with them. This will result in healthier relationships between adolescents and their caring adults  while ensuring that wholesome, successful and significant young adults are being formed.

We are fortunate to have regular contributors to NuMindz12v2 blog as well as expert guests who all have experiential, professional and practical knowledge in nurturing young minds. We look forward to interacting and learning with and from you too. Please leave us a comment and let us know how this blog can evolve to serve you and your adolescents better.

On this journey together,

NuMindz12v2 Team

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