Grit, Grit and more Grit

No better time to learn about G.R.I.T. than now! Coming out of a global pandemic that has taken grit to push through, there is need to be intentional about teaching and encouraging our children to grow GRIT. It is the dealbreaker­čĺ»

On This Journey Together

We can all agree that nurturing adolescents is no easy feat. NuMindz12v2 blog therefore is a platform created to virtually host a community of caring and committed adults (parents, teachers, coaches etc.) in search of relevant, research-based info, tried and tested practices alongside wisdom principles that affect the generation Z (12-22). This will help adultsContinue reading “On This Journey Together”


Yay! Your teenager just made THE commitment to a college or university!!! But who is excited here? You or your soon-to-be college freshman? Or both? While it is natural for parents to be excited, it is dangerous for them to be expectant of a definite outcome. You just have to trust that your budding adultsContinue reading “GROWING AND GOING…Off to College”


COVID-19 appeared, the world stood still and so did your teen. This global pandemic has everyone; scientists, experts, leaders of government, leaders of industry, parents, teachers, coaches etc. in a state of confusion with more questions than there are answers. We all have a lot of unanswered questions and so do your teenagers. They areContinue reading “COVID-19 COPING TIPS FOR TEENS”